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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 4, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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we have new images. >> two teenagers accused of setting a school on fire and causing millions in damage will be in court today. >> are straight up 5:00, we begin with breaking news. >> two people are dead following a high speed crash after 2:00 this morning. mac arthur boulevard and 10 sixth avenue. christie smith is live on the scene. this first came in to us as a chase. what can you tell us now? >> reporter: this started according to the chp and they spotted a driver on 580. they tried to pull over that driver and that driver didn't stop. rob is here with the chp. you can pick it up from there.
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what happened? he tried to pull it over? >> we tried to make the stop for excessive speed. the driver exited the freeway and continued on. our officers were fairly close, but collided with another vehicle. two dead. >> the driver was who trying to flee from us didn't make it. the other driver in the collision ended up not making it also. >> reporter: we understand the car caught fire and you had to pull them out? >> from what we are seeing, yes. the car caught on fire and officers opened up the doors and tried to get him out and they did. at which time the ambulance was here and able to take him to highland hospital. >> reporter: we see that several chp cars and oakland police as well.
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we want to show you if we can come back live and see that this is the car if you can see it there. it's over at the ac dell coacross the street. that's the car that the person was in. it ended up over there and it's hard to seat other car involved. they believe it was a suburban, but they think it was going down 10 sixth while this guy was coming on mac arthur and they collided in the intersection. the suburban that the other person is in is completely on the side and you can barely see it. we will try to get shots later and rob, do you know right now 10 sixth and mac arthur is closed. do you know how much longer? >> i'm not sure. oakland police department is handling the investigation so it will be closed for as long as they need it to do a thorough investigation. >> thanks for taking a minute to talk with us. christie smith today in the bay. >> we know the story is breaking
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now and it's going to affect the morning commute. >> continuing breaking news for how to get around the east bay. >> two big accidents. foothill and mac arthur, two major roadways. access on and off of 580 is cleared and mac arthur boulevard is closed. just take foothill as the alternate through the area. that may be an issue if this lasts into the morning commute. 45 minutes until we expect to see traffic building. as brent said, san jose is the overturned big rig. all lanes are closed for about 15 minutes and we have one lane that is opened southbound 101. the overturned vision past the southbound 880 interchange. you will find a lot of slowing and flairs as you approach the scene. you may want to get on to
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oakland road to avoid the area if you can coming out of san jose. expect slowing, but right notice the volume is so light and we are not seeing any issues. there injuries involved as well. >> thanks, mike. >> no major issues with the forecast. a beautiful day yesterday and something like that today too? >> similar this morning with 50s and 60s and are now hour by hour forecast. you will look at mostly 70s inland with a few extra clouds and not quite as hot. upper 70s around san jose. we have the clouds spilling in and we will see chances of rain as we head towards the weekend. a look at that in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. scary moments on a jumbo jet afterage engineer blows and an airline that flies out of sfo and san jose is grounding big planes. qantas is growning all a 38
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airbus super jumbo jets. it began after take off from singapore forcing an emergency landing. nobody on board was hurt, but it was the most serious mid-air accident since it debuted in 2007. you can see the damage. qantas ceo said the airline not taking any chances and making sure the planes are safe. >> we would suspend the services until we are completely confident that qantas said requirements have been met. >> they originated out of london and flying to sydney, but they stopped to refuel. look at the damage to the engine. qantas said all 380 flights are suspended until they can ensure the planes are safe. we checked with sfo this morning and as of right now, we do not know of qantas cancellations here. >> this afternoon, the teenagers
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accused of setting fire to the south bay elementary school will enter pleas in court. the 16-year-old and 17-year-old are being changed as adults. san jose police officers said the teens set the fire that gutted an elementary school causing $10 million in damage. the july 5th fire destroyed 16 classrooms and a library and several offices and did not delay the start of school. >> bay area wildlife experts were trying to figure out who is abusing local birds. one was spotted with a can of beer around its neck. you can see how they cut it and put it around the neck. at least two or three other birds in the same condition have been spotted near alcatraz and half moon bay. if you see a bird with a can around its neck, don't try to catch it. they ask you to contact wild rescue. a $2,000 reward is being offered
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for turning in whoever did these crimes. pa. >> you can make a child happy. toys for toys will start collecting at toys 'r us stores in the bay area. workers will be stationed at stores and today and tomorrow from 9:00 to 4:00 collecting donations. you can collect toys and baby products through december 5th. >> it could cost you more to watch a losing bay area football team. the 49ers may increase season ticket prices by 20%. that means that premium seats could go from 295 dollars up to $350 per game. upper yard line, corner end zone and goal line tickets will stay about the same. the city of san francisco does not properly maintain candlestick park that affects the ticket sales. the recreation and park commission will vote today and the 49ers front office said this
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price increase is not final. it's not a for sure deal and could happen. the final tal oat number of bay area fans who line the streets for the giants victory parade. more than a million people came for the ticker tape parade. fans and players were overjoyed. >> giants will always be in my heart no matter what. >> you can see the electricity going on right now. you don't want to be anywhere else besides the bay. >> besides the players, there were familiar faces. look at these guys. we got to be there alongside jeff rainiery and diane dwyer. it's an experience like none other. >> amazing to see the crowds on top of muni buses. >> plrp places where there was a gap or an alley, they were 100
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yards deep. you turn the corner to civic center plaza and it was a sea of people. i was thinking about the washington mall. it was like that. a sea of people. so excited over their san francisco giants. world champs. >> a lot of fun to be part of it. a rough commute out there. >> speaking of a sea of orange, we have orange flairs on the 101. i got the latest and they closed down the connector. southbound to 101 to northbound 880. just before you get to the overturned big rig, we have the connector closed. you can't make the transition. the crew is on scene and that should be good progress, but right now you have to use procaw to the north and get off of southbound 101 and get on to either direction of the nimitz freeway. the interchange is say mess, but a lighter volume keeping it moving smoothly. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> we have been blessed with
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pretty good weather. you talk about the parade yesterday. it could not have been a better day in san francisco. >> for november and it was upper to mid 70s around downtown. today probably still 70s and maybe not quite as warm. we do have clouds spilling in and 57 degrees right now in san jose as we take you into oakland. 63 and into san francisco, 60 degrees. here are the clouds i'm talking about. the radar scans are not picking up anything underneath, but filter out the sun at times and will be warm and not quite as warm as yesterday. a gorgeous day with patches of morning fog along the coast. still near 80 degree temperatures in the warmest places inland. we will see more clouds and a slight chance of showers friday. sunday a chance of rain and cooler temperatures to wrap up the weekend. back to you. >> 5:10 and a $500 fine if your child skips school. we will find out if it's
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working. >> more trouble for haiti after being devastated by a massive earthquake earlier in the year. we will tell you about the new natural disaster on the way. >> new developments in the attempt to send shuttle discovery back into space. we will get you an update next. so, we book a flight to hawaii using our points from chase sapphire. last minute... on christmas. and sitting next to us, chevy chase.
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and a savory new sunrise subway melt built fresh to your order for just $2.50. subway. build your better breakfast. welcome back, everybody. 5:14. a live look outside. san jose and hp pavilion is a place where temperatures are mild. in the south bay, we have breaking news for the commute. we will check in with mike in a little built. >> beautiful here and many of the one million haitians who live in tents have nowhere to go if a powerful tropical storm makes landfall. tropical storm tomas is expected to hit the earthquake-damaged country sometime tomorrow. government leaders are advising people to abandon the camp and ride out the storm in the homes of friends and family. there only 1,000 shelters available. people are concerned about the spread of cholera that could be made worse by the heavy rain.
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>> one of the final trips of the space shuttle discovery is delayed again because of bad weather. the shuttle is at cape canaveral in florida. discovery was supposed to lift off at 12:30 and they are not able to do that. the launch has been put off twice. once to fix a gas leak and the other time to repair an electrical problem. they are supposed to take supplies to the space station. >> for and when the shuttle blasts off, they will be joined by a robot. >> hopefully the "star wars" movies and not the 2001. they carried robotic devices before, but none like that. it will spend time at the space station. nasa is helping astronauts is the obvious explanation. gm and nasa worked for decades and built the lunar recovery.
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chrysler built one of the rockets in the 1960s. speaking of gm, remember when the ekatives were in washington asking for a bailout and buffed for flying in on private jets. they didn't even jet pool. this morning, the u.s. government that owns most of gm has given permission for executives to use the jets to fly around promoting the sale of stock. what they call the road show on the way to the ipo. when general motors does sell stock again, it will be about the second or third largest. san francisco's visa will be the biggest. this should pay back the government quite a bit of its investment. tar are at that point does the government continue to own or give back ownership? >> at that point the government reduces a great amount and not only is government motors. like they are teased. >> put a presidential logo on
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the jet. skipping school could get costly. richmond's daytime curfew allows a judge to fine truant students up to $500. today in the bay has an update on how the new curfew is working and why some parents feel it is unfair. >> no one can argue that truancy is not a problem. the last time police conducked a sweep, they picked up 425 students in three days. richmond is the last city in the west school district to add a daytime curfew. we rode along with the officer to see how it works and how the program is designed to prevent repeat offenders. presicily 30 minutes after school starts, richmond officer ray hernandez searches for students skipping school. >> they have students hiding in the bleachers and the play structure. >> it doesn't take long to spot them. >> how are you doing? where are you going? >> these two, 14 and 16 years
5:18 am
old them the officer they go to a continuation school, but they admit they attend richmond high and were heading home to hang out. before the city's new curfews officers would return the students to class or if it was close to the end of the day, they would go home. now they are taken here. the richmond police activities league. >> come on down here. >> a staffer checks the record of absences, issues a citation and counsels them as they wait for mom or dad. >> you need to come down to pick them up and there will be forms to sign. >> officers pick up nine or 10 students a day, boys and girls from all over the city, always with an excuse. >> i'm hungry, i'm sleepy, want o i want to go home and sleep or i need to change. i don't like this outfit. i need new shoes. >> it's no joke for parent who is have to miss work and spend a day in court to address the truancy. >> 'do you think he is not
5:19 am
staying in school? >> i don't know. i already talked to him a lot and encouraged him to do good. >> the officer offers to make a home visit. they need to know their own safety is at risk on the streets. a national study found that 94% of homicide victims under 25 had a history of skipping school, all righting in elementary. >> i'm a preschool assistant and teach the students and i cannot help my own child. >> as tough as it may be, getting parents involved in tracking truants helps to stop the problem. >> they may not realize it, but we are trying to help them. >> richmond is not alone. they have instituted daytime curfews and police in the cities said not only has the truancy gone down, but so has crime rate by students and against them. today in the bay.
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time now is 5:19. we want to go to mike inouye. a busy morning for the commute trying to get through the south bay. we have problems in the east bay and following both breaking news stories for us. >> exactly. this is the southbound 101 at 880. the interchange is continuing the flux because of the overturned big rig. we want that rig to get cleared from the roadway, but southbound 101 as you head towards 880, you see flairs and slowing on to northbound 880. that is the connection right here. soon bob redell who arrived on scene, chp plans to close on to southbound 101 as well. you don't have the option of getting back on to 101. you have to reroute or take one lane. one lane is open past the scene. lighter volume. chp thinks maybe another hour.
5:21 am
that could get crowded. take 280 to stay clear and loop back over at the 680 to the same area. traffic is still light. we continue to follow the deadly crash that happened in oakland. 106 at mac arthur. foothill is the alternate. that might affect the off-ramp if it does not clear. christie smith is following that as well. we will follow both of these and rob has the forecast in a moment. >> thanks a lot and a new take on michael jack is coming to the bay area. we will show you the famous group that is interpreting the can se live.s music and how you i inherited my father's '69 norton commando.
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i love coming home mom. patty, call the doctor. it's been more than 4 hours... hi jack.
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>> san jose is 57 and we have a few high clouds over the south bay. in san francisco, 60. a mild start. we had temperatures climbing into the mid 70s and this morning clouds over the peninsula and into napa. a little bit of a breeze. winds slightly offshore. some of that blowing through novato and otherwise light winds. what we will watch is more clouds spilling in and we have the radar over the bay area and into the sacramento area. as we take you off further, we have a system offshore that
5:25 am
should be on the approach for friday. that has more moisture to work with that may toss showers your way towards tomorrow. today it filtered sun at times. mid-and high levels going through. temperatures in the 70s to near 80 in the warmest places and for friday, we will see more clouds and a system that will get split apart as it approaches the coast. not a big chance of rain, but what you will notice more is cooler temperatures through the weekend and the best chance of rain for the bay area. high south of san jose making a run and 78 degrees in san jose and a mix of sun and clouds. 72 in san francisco after a fantastic day yesterday. the east bay you will see temperatures in the mid 70s around oakland and 78 for the north bay and 70s for most places. calistoga close to 80. a slight chance of showers tomorrow. sunday we will see the best chance of rain. the good news for anyone with early morning hours like we do,
5:26 am
daylight savings and an extra hour of sleep sunday morning. >> god bless you. if you decorated your house with fake skeleton this is halloween, how about the real deal. the creator of the body world exhibit is selling the human bodies and body parts on line. if it disturbs you, you may want to look away. customers can buy the bodies that he injected with a resin. it was a huge show. a whole body is $97,000 and torsos at $77,000 and heads around $30,000. only qualified users with written proof can make an order. >> michael jackson lives on through his music and fan who is never got to see him in concert, this could be the next best thing. cirque du soleil announced a
5:27 am
project called the immortal world tour. they will combine his music with acro bats. the tour starts in montreal in october of 2011. i'm all mixed up. it is going to come to san jose january 13th, but by that time it will be 2012. it's on to oakland january 18th. something to look forward to. >> 5:27 and two major accidents in the bay area. live reports coming up. lotion . gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing. you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ]
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new this morning, a big rig accident shuttings down several lanes of southbound 101. i'm bob redell working on cleaning it up. how long it will be before this is cleared up in a live report. >> a man fleeing for police in the east bay gets into a horrible deadly accident. an intersection is still shut down. i'm christie smith and we will fill you in on the incredible details that. story on today in the bay. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. >> 5:30 right now. we begin with breaking news. >> are two people are dead after a high speed chase in a fiery crash in the east bay. christie smith is live on the scene on mac arthur boulevard in oakland with the latest on what
5:31 am
happened. >> from the look of what's left, this was a horrible and loud crash. you can take a look at the scene for yourself. the car caught fire and it was laying on its side with a driver speeding on 580. lights and sirens trying to put him over and he refused to pull over. he got off the freeway and went down mac arthur boulevard. they were following about a quarter mile back and say he ran into the intersection at 10 sixth and mac arthur and plowed into another car and needed rescueing for the people he was running from. >> the vehicle was runing for us when it came to us and caught fire and the officers went over and start to pry the doors
5:32 am
before he got burned. >> he was taken to highland hospital and the person in the other car died here as well. i can tell you that the coroner has just arrived on scene. it really is quite a mess out here. the entire intersection is shut down with several chp cars and they are leading off the investigation at this point. they are not sure when this intersection will reopen. that's the latest from here live in oakland, christie smith today in the bay. >> thank as i lot for the update there. >> right now more break news where a big rig flipped over causing chaos on the 11 near the interchange. any injuries there? >> no, the driver is okay, but causing problem as fars a shut down. four of the five lanes on
5:33 am
southbound 01 as you look down at the big rig at 880 over southbound 101 here in san jose. this big rig was coming off southbound 880 on the southbound 101 when they misnavigated the turn and tipped over. four of the five lanes are shut down. chp is also shut down. southbound 880 on the southbound 101. if you are trying to get from southbound 101 to northbound 880, that is shut down. your transitions from 101 to 880 are shut down as of right now. the good news is if you look to the right, two to trucks are here on the scene. the drivers are trying to figure out how to get the big rig up right and out of here. it could be another hour if not less. the bottom line is it seems things are moving quickly as far as getting the big rig out of the way.
5:34 am
traffic is light right now. that's the lane that is still open. traffic is going through there. there is not much traffic so there isn't much of a back up. northbound direction there not any looky loos. northbound 101 is moving smoothly. given the time of the morning, doesn't seem like this is going to have much impact on the commute assuming they get this taken care of in the next hour according to chp. live here on southbound 101 here in san jose, today in the bay. >> good thing no one was injury and they could have it cleaned up. >> both of the situations are number and number two for mike inouye. >> that's right, brent and laura. those are huge issues. three or four lanes depending on which side of the interchange you are. one lane gets by and the light volume keeps things moving smoothly. you will get affected at the transition ramps. southbound 101 to northbound 880
5:35 am
and southbound 880 to 101. both of those because of the huge to trucks and the big rig that has to be lifted, we are expecting that to clear over the next hour, but in the next half hour to 45 minutes, that starts to increase coming up. 101 off of 680. that might increase as far as a spectator slowing. you saw the flairs and the flashing lights. avoid the area if you can. 280 as a great option and off of the 680 and 101 interchange and 87 up towards downtown and jumping back on north. 880 out of the south bay is moving until you get to oakland. things are starting to pick up as far as the volume. speeds around 60 miles per hour, but there is an accident there. 10 sixth at mac arthur off of the foothill interchange. foothill boulevard from 580. the off-ramp clear and the rest is looking good. we will follow this and traffic
5:36 am
is starting to build in this portion. >> thanks a lot. >> very busy out there. >> not as big of a deal on weather-wise. it's mild, but we see changes down the road. >> at least weather-wise, nothing getting in the way. let's show you the temperatures through the afternoon. at least more t-shirt day for most of the bay area. 70s to near 80 around livermore you will notice more clouds and an increasing chance of rain as we get closer to the weekend. we will have a look at that in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. the couple accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard 19 years ago will number court again today for a pretrial hearing as they face new charges in the case. phillip and nancy garrido are indicted on 18 charges including rape and false imprisonment. attorneys representing them hope to keep graphic unreleased details about the case sealed. dugard will not have to take the stand until the actual trial begins. they took then 11-year-old
5:37 am
dugard from a south lake tahoe bus stop in 1991 and kept her hidden in their antioch home for years. >> next week the san francisco board of supervisors will take their final vote on whether or not to ban toys from all kids meals that don't meet nutritional standards set by the city. the "today" show is taking on that controversial measure that claims the fight of childhood obesity. many bay area dieticians are skeptical if that ban will really help. >> the toy is not causing us to be fat. what's causing us to gain wealth weight is to make consistently poor choices and over eat compared to the aims we need and not moving our bodies as much as our bodies require. >> you can watch the rest of the story at the top of the hour on the "today" show this morning. >> jay leno will know what it means to fear the beard.
5:38 am
an unofficial spokesman will appear on the tonight show tonight right here on nbc bay area. when asked by reporters about tonight's appearance, he only had this to say. it will be legendary. no word on this. he is level going to be bringing the beard. he has no immediate plans to shave it. >> the raiders are doing everything to avoid being blacked out, including selling tickets at a discount. the team is offering two for one tickets against the kansas city chiefs. if the game is not sold out, they will black the game out and that means people in the bay area will not be able to watch it on tv. the silver and black are 4-4 on the season and trying to build a winning streak. good morning, folks. we are following the accident in san jose and in oakland, but let me show you the freeway through oakland. we will give you an update in
5:39 am
the next 10 minutes. it moves smoothly and the nimitz freeway looks nice and the volume is starting to increase through this area. looking nice through this portion of the commute. not showing major issues. an 18-minute drive off of the bridge down towards that berkeley curve. typical build up there and building up for antioch where you see the initial slowing past g street fors horizon lane. that's the spot where you see the yellow chicklets. it happens here right on schedule. livermore with no major issues and a 14-minute drive over the next half hour to 45 minutes. the yellow creep over towards north first by the time we get to 6:30. things are moving nicely and an update on the sigalert. back to you. >> 5:39 and an al qaeda cleric is using you tube to get his
5:40 am
sentence out. >> mehserle will be in court tomorrow and we will have a look at what to expect before the apprenticing hearing. >> forbes magazine has the latest list of the most powerful people in the world. president obama is not on top. we will tell you what who is. >> a look at the beautiful bay bridge. san francisco is packed with folks yesterday. a gorgeous day and another on tap. a change when it comes to the weather. 5:40 right now.
5:41 am
5:42 am
good morning. anice-looking shot outside coming to you from the south bay this morning. a look at the temperatures all-around the peninsula and the east bay.
5:43 am
pretty mild, but rob has his eye on change coming away. we will be checking in with him in a bit. >> election officials are soring out unusual events in san francisco. an nbc bay area news crew found a tabulator used to count ballots on the sidewalk in the tender loin. officials believe it was stolen after the memory card and ballots were collected. they found the piece of equipment on the street and that's unusual. it actually won't affect election results. there is as many as 75 ballots missing. a poll worker stole them. the theft may create complications. >> as we go through the process of counting the ballots, if something is close, certainly whoever is out on the winning side of a close race will want to know what it means. >> karl bradford nicholas was arrested for the theft.
5:44 am
he is not saying why someone may have stolen them. >> capitol hill lawmakers are wasting no time preparing for what's next. topping the list is slashing the budget and starting all over on health care reform. >> we have to do everything we can to try to repeal the bill. >> our friends on the other side learned that choosing the president over constituents is not a good strategy. >> before any work can be done in the new congress, the current congress has to decide whether to extent the tax cuts before the end of the year. time now is 5:44 and good morning. thanks for joining us. >> we will get to traffic and weather in about minutes, but first, former bart police officer mehserle will be sentenced tomorrow for killing oscar grant and faces 14 years in the state prison. a jury convicted him of involuntary manslaughter in july. he testified he thought he
5:45 am
grabbed his stun gun. with us is steven clark up early this morning. always good to see you. the judge will sentence him tomorrow. what do you think the judge is taking into account? >> the judge will look at a lot of factors and what makes it so unusual is the options before the judge. he can sentence probation up to 14 years. that's very unusual that makes this a very difficult sentencing case for the court. he is going to look at the impact on the victims and the family will testify in court and mehserle's family will testify and the judge will have to come up with a sentence. both sides have a compelling argument here for a stiff sentence and also probation. officer mehserle and someone with no record and never been before the court and a police officer in the line of duty, it's a very difficult case. i think the judge likely will come somewhere in the middle in the six or seven-year range.
5:46 am
>> any chance he could be spareed from prison completely? >> certainly the first thing the court will do is entertain a new trial motion. the defense filed a number of motions saying that there is new evidence in the case based on a similar shooting in another state and there was mistakes in the jury instruction and the sentencing enhancement for the use of a gun by a police officer doesn't apply in this case. if the judge decides to grant a new trial either on the whole case or at least on the enhancement, we won't have a sentencing tomorrow. clearly the court has the option of granting probation. i don't think that's going to happen in this case because the judge put officer mehserle in prison after the jury handed down the verdict. >> he could have made it a choice there as well. as well as the new case in ken tucky that is similar. >> exactly. it's a difficult case for the court and will be a very emotional sentencing hearing. >> thank you very much and good
5:47 am
to have you. >> thank you. >> we have another update on the breaking news out of the south bay we have been telling you about. an overturned big rig. today in the bay is live at 101 and the 880 interchange. i can still see they have a lot of flars set up, but it looks like driver are getting through a little bit. >> it's actually not having much of an effect on the commute. southbound 101 traffic is so light that all the cars are able to squeeze through. most of the traffic is on northbound 101 and moving steadily as far as looky loos. they are not slowing down to figure out what's happening in the southbound direction. what is going on in the southbound direction, you have this big rig that flipped over as it was coming off of southbound 880 on the 101. it is blocking four of the five
5:48 am
lanes. two to truck arrived on the scene and that's what you need to get it up righted. how can they up rate rite it without tearing the semy in half? they are estimated by around 6:30. this is moving pretty quickly. no injuries from the driver. he was okay. again, as you can see just one lane is open and southbound 101. if you are heading in this direction and need to get on to northbound 880, that part of the road is shut down and you won't have to change your plans. on southbound 880 and getting on to southbound 101, that's shut down and will require that you change your plans. bottom line is traffic is still moving relatively smoothly through the area even though only one lane is open. reporting live in san jose, rob redell today in the bay. >> that are is good news. thanks a lot. the interesting thing is this is not far from the studios.
5:49 am
this particular ramp and the exact spot, we have seen i don't know how many overturned big rigs over the past year or so. >> that are rail is at a peculiar angle. i want to talk to mike right now. bob mentioned it takes probably about until 6:30. that's 45 minutes. that could have an impact on the commute. >> definitely. you saw the flairs and the truck that just drove up, that will be further distraction for the northbound commute and by 6:30, a healthy drive and slowing around 680. we will follow that as bob showed you. traffic is moving nicely. southbound 101 at that 880 interchange is down to one lane. you will want to make alternate plans if you are traveling on to or off of 880. on to or off of 880. 101 in either direction just to the north and head over fors 880, that's a clear interchange that will take you past that portion of all the activity. 280 will keep you clear of that
5:50 am
as well. again southbound 101 with only one lane open. southbound to northbound 880 to southbound 101. those are both closed and the commute builds and the bay bridge is clear as well. that portion of the commute is looking okay. how is the weather? >> high clouds coming in and not much fog on the bay bridge. the temperature this is morning with 50s and 60s and a warm day yesterday. clouds moving in overnight that can act like a blanket and keep the temperatures warmer than they should be. radar not picking up rain under the clouds, but the pattern is more active off to the west. starting today, more clouds spilling in and temperatures are mild. 70s for most spots and the warmest places towards the valley and making a run today. much cooler tomorrow. we will see a first chance of showers for friday evening into early saturday. sunday we will see rain with cooler temperatures and also
5:51 am
extra hour of sleep as you rewind your clocks. >> music to my ears. something to think about before you book your holiday travel to or through the east coast,a i new report said flight delays in new york city are as bad as ever. the department of transportation said scheduling rules put too many planes in line. the delays happen and dozens of flights are disrupted. scheduling limits at jfk and newark airport are based on good weather conditions. when the weather is bad, air traffic controllers have to hole the flights on the ground and that leads to the major back ups. . new this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton is hopeful the u.s. will resume talks with leaders in the mideast. the obama administration is working nonstop to resume peace talks between israel and palestine. clinton plans to meet israeli
5:52 am
prime minister benjamin netanyahu while in the u.s. next week. netanyahu is expected to meet with joe biden during his trip. clinton is also calling on the senate to move to affirm a new arms control treat we russia. clinton said the obama administration has enough votes to approve the start treaty and wants it to be passed before the congress takes over in january. some republicans say they are concerned about the treats that cut russian and american arsenals by a quarter. >> immigration and custom agents in san diego seized more than two dozen tons of pot after raiding a tunnel on the border. that's it is enough to light more than one million joints. it's just big enough to crawl through and goes from the warehouse on the tijuana side to a building that's about 600 yards away on the u.s. side. agents say they got a tip about the tunnel and became suspicious when they saw a tractor-trailer parked outside the building in san diego.
5:53 am
officers found mountains of bundled pot waiting to be taken through the tunnel. agents say the street value is more than $20 million. >> i can promise you there very unhappy people in the cartel when you lose that kind of tonnage of marijuana. >> agents believe that the tunnel had been used to smuggle the drugs for only about a month. >> it is 5:53 and this morning you tube is removing video sermons by a cleric from the video sharing website. videos of al qaeda-linked cleric violate the site's guidelines because they insight people to commit violent acts. the "new york times" report the video calls for a holy war. he is a u.s.-born yemeni cleric and authority says inspired a string of attempted attacks on the united states. >> we now know for sure how
5:54 am
george w. bush feels about the practice of waterboarding. matt lauer addresses that issue on an interview with the former president that will air on monday. president bush makes it clear that he personally approved the interrogation technique against one of the masterminds behind the 9/11 attacks. in his memoire, bush said when the cia asked him if they could waterboard khalid shaikh mohammed, he responded dam right. the admission could bring legal consequences against him some day. >> the stock marks will open this morning at two-year highs. scott joins us with a new party in congress and a huge stimulus from the fed. >> huge. this is the second time the feds used quantitative easing. we will get to that in a second. the dow will open this morning at 11,215. futures call for a bigger jump this morning. overseas markets are happy about what's going on in america. a few minutes ago, we got the
5:55 am
weekly jobless reports. those were sdourming and more people filing for first time unemployment claims t. should balance out and futures are up. you are saying tell me more about quantitative easing. as one reporter pointed out, the biggest experiment in the history of the united states. the fed is going to print up $600 billion worth of money. i mean that literally. they are going to manufacture money and buy up government debt. you add this latest move to the first time they tried this with nearly $2 trillion. the idea is the banks and other investors sell the debt and get the fed's money and think what am i going to do and lend it out that encourages businesses to expand in higher and the economy gets going. that's the idea. >> maybe supreme will spend, spend, spend. we are barely past halloween, but hear deals out there.
5:56 am
wal-mart is offer a deal on hdtv this saturday that opens up sales wars starting saturday for the next two days. while supplies last, wal-mart is offering a 26-inch vizio led hd tv for $198. that's about $100 off the normal sale price. that's $50 off. television manufacturers say the demand is dropping and it's expected to hit this holiday season. . now 5:56 and clouds we are watching for you today. mostly 70s inland, but beginning tomorrow towards the weekend, looks like november weather will be coming back. clouds off to the west and a more active pattern for the bay area that will bring an increasing chance of showers late tomorrow. today mixed bag of clouds and
5:57 am
sunshine. temperatures pretty warm and mostly 70s inland. what's happening for the weekend, temperatures start to drop with the chance of rain rolling through on sunday. >> forbes magazine came out with the list of the most powerful people in the world and the president of the united states is not number one. it's the president of china. he governs 1/5 of the world's population. president obama is second followed by the king of saudi arabia, the prime minister of russia, and pope benedict xvi. other notables are chairman of the federal reserve, ben bernanke and bill gates is number 10. he said every person on the list can bend the world to their will in one way or another. >> why didn't you say the president of saudi arabia's name? >> time now is 5:37. i'm brent cannon. >> i'marra gnnca ciauonra garcia
5:58 am
will have live reports next at 6:00 on today in the bay.
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